Restaurant Analytics.

Know what your customers truly value in your restaurants and stay ahead of trend,
Differentiate your restaurants with our solution:


Turn your simple data like menu performance into insightful information for profit optimization.

Decrypt your menu into attribute levels. Understand what ingredients,
process, and flavour keeping your customer satisfied.

Discover new trends and menu before others.

Our specialized Artificial Intelligent and data analytics model suggest for new
personalize combination to make your customers love your restaurant more.

Forecast and Respond.

Instead of reacting to changing trends, we help our clients forecast dynamic
consumer demands order to respond with data intelligence.

Quality Quartz

Quality of services is key to retaining your customers. From research in 2010: Customer experience impact report and Harvard Business School study, the #1 reason why customers abandon a brand is due to poor service. Customer satisfaction has a massive impact on restaurants’ revenue. That’s why EATLAB focuses on helping restaurants to convert thousand terabytes of data from their point of sale and CCTV into meaningful actions for service improvements.

Manage your restaurant anywhere, anytime.

Provide a status report of your employees quality of services to help you manage your restaurant with ease.

Smart management assistant.

Our technology can provide suggestions on how to make your service even better.

Insights lead to operational intelligence.

We provide bird’s eyes view of your operation efficiency across various  that allows you to convert them into operational intelligence.